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What Does A Chamber of Commerce Do

  • The Chamber of Commerce enables businesses and people to accomplish collectively what could not be done individually, creating a pool of resources from which one can draw ideas, energy, and new business opportunities.

  • A large portion of the Chamber of Commerce’s efforts are focused on advocacy. Both at the local and at the provincial and Federal level, Chambers of Commerce provide the opportunity for businesses to have their voice heard on key policy issues.

  • The Chamber of Commerce provides a powerful voice on behalf of the business community by speaking out on issues such as taxes, transportation, infrastructure and education to name a few. 

  • Your financial support of a local Chamber of Commerce ensures a resource of information and services for the business region that it serves.​

History of Our Chamber

The Redwater & District Chamber of Commerce was incorporated on June 22, 1962 under the Board of Trade Act of Canada. At that time, the founding members totaled 34 community businesses and their representatives.

Representatives at that time were:

A. Archer, A. Budney, A. Chaba, R. Chalmers, F. Dachyshyn,  J. Engleman N. Flach, H. Gordon, J. Gordon, D. Hanington, P. Hrynchuk, G. Hunchak, M. Kozoil, C. Lund, G. MacDonald, R. MacDonald, R. MaCarther, J. Malowany, W. Malowany, J. Manchuk, R. Manning, W. Mirlin, W. Mitchell, M. Onyschuk, E. Regan, M. Shyiak, M. Stetsko, D. Striker, M. Syrnyk. A. Thompson, P. Wachowich and P. Windle


What Does Our Chamber Do

  • Members of our Chamber, are business owners and individuals throughout Redwater, Thorhild County and Sturgeon County that come together to discuss advocacy, networking opportunities, promoting businesses and creating events for our District.

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