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2023 Chamber Awards Gala
April 20, 2024
Sponsorships & Nominations

Our Chamber recognizeses the important contribution of business and non-profits in our community by celebrating in the form of our Annual Awards Gala. Every year we honour those contributions.  

All businesses, whether members or otherwise, within our District of Redwater, Thorhild County & East Sturgeon County are eligible to be nominated and potentially win an award, however Chamber members will receive 5 extra points in the judging process.

We also extend a huge thank you to all of our past sponsors... Thank you for believing in us and partnering with us to bring our vision to reality.

Business of the Year Awards: This will be awarded to three (3) businesses with the respective award winners and differentiated by the number of full-time/part time employees at the business, as follows:

  • One award – Business with 0-3 full-time/part time employees

  • One award – Business with 4-8 full-time/part time employees

  • One award – Business with 9+ full-time/part time employees

Criteria for the above awards: The nominee(s) has shown outstanding leadership in economic, social, or charitable activities, demonstrated a dedicated focus on achieving a vision and mandate congruent with ongoing contributions to the environment and/or sustainability (eg/. reusable bags, paper bags, etc) and promotes volunteerism.

New Business of the Year Award - This award will be awarded to a business that started/opened between January 1, 2022 & December 31, 2022 within our District.

Customer Service Award - Awarded to a business that has consistently offered exemplary customer service; often going over and above the typical expectations of their industry/sector.

Community Spirit Award - Awarded to a business that has contributed to the community through donations, volunteerism and/or promotions of community organizations.

Youth Empowerment Award - Awarded to a youth under the age of 18 years old that has shown either/or leadership, entrepreneurism, volunteerism and community spirit

Non-Profit Organization of the Year - Awarded to a Non-Profit or an organization with Charity status that shows exemplary support for the community by providing a any of the following services that benefits: a persons well being, mental health, food security, physical activity, family outreach, indeginous support, community involvement, a safe atmosphere for LGBTQ+ persons. 

Citizen of the Year - Awarded to an individual who has gone above and beyond within their community by helping those in need, participating in community organizations, providing a lending hand and actively promoting their community.

Agri-Business of the Year - Awarded to an agricultural business who actively farms by providing a valuable resource to the local, Canadian and/or global market while also establishing good environment stewartship. They support the local economy by shopping local and either participate in/support local organizations. 

Deadline for sponsorship payment(s) will be February 15, 2024.

Sponsorships can be purchased here.

2023 Business Awards Nominations
Submission deadline is January 15, 2024

Which of the following categories would you like to nominate the above business/Individual/Non-Profit Organization in?

Our Chamber will contact the nominees once all submissions are received.

An announcement of the nomniees will be made on our Facebook page, Linkedin and website.

Thank you for your nomination.

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